A heartfelt congratulations to Sebastien and Phoebe on their nuptial. It was a beautiful and serene forest themed wedding at Aman Rimba (which can be translated to ‘Peaceful Forest’). Surround by close friends and family, some of them who flew from miles away to celebrate with them.

It is a very interesting story how Sebastien and Phoebe met. Seem almost like a fairy tale or a snippet from a romantic film injected into real life. But what we know for sure is that this story definitely has a happy ever after.


Sébastien Phoebe KL Wedding Actual Day AMAN RIMBA
Sébastien Phoebe KL Wedding Actual Day AMAN RIMBA
Sébastien Phoebe KL Wedding Actual Day AMAN RIMBA

Phoebe is a strong and independent woman who has been travelling solo all around the world for about 2 years experiencing different cultures and local cuisines. Meanwhile, Sebastien is involved in a backend and logistics industry for international concerts handling things involving sound and lighting.

The couple were a little shy about the details of their encounter, but from what we can glean from them, during her one of her travels to France she met her future husband.

In a whirl wind of romance, Phoebe left a deep impression on Sebastien. Not long after she came back home to Malaysia, he managed to track her down and gave her a surprise visit. And that leads us to where we are today.

Their wedding combines both european and oriental cultures from both side of the couple’s heritage. You can see how nervous the groom is few hours before the ceremony where bride and groom see each other for the first time on the wedding day during their first look ceremony.

Next comes the oriental tradition of gate crashing where the groom with the help of his hengtai (brotherhood aka groomsmen) have to pass through a series of creative challenges the zimui (sisterhood aka bridesmaid) came up with. Some involve unpleasant food and drinks, acrobatic stunts, embarrassing poses in diapers and most importantly the red packet negotiation (€€€).


After getting through the gate, the groom finally gets to collect his bride. At the door, he recited a romantic vow in Chinese while she listened from behind the door. Feeling touched, she welcomed him in. They exchanged rings and lifted the wedding veil before sharing a kiss.

Last in the agenda is the tea ceremony where the couple serve tea together to the elders in their families as an act of filial piety and acknowledgement. Then the couple accepted teas from the juniors of the family and gave them red packets as blessings.

Later in the evening, they have another short ceremony involving even more guest that leads to a beautiful dinner set in the garden. Seats were found, drinks were flowing and toasts was given. It was an absolutely lovely dinner under all the fairy lights.

We are glad not only being able to experience other culture but to also share our cultures in return during this unique wedding. Thank you for having us there with you.

Khingdom Production Team – ROM Photography Specialist & Actual Day Photography 😉