Ze Jun & Melanie ROM @ Thean Hou Temple Feb 2020
KL ROM Photographer @ Thean Hou Gong

Ze Jun & Melanie ROM @ Thean Hou Temple Feb 2020

Congratulation to Melanie & Ze Jun for tying the knot on Valentines’20! We are glad to be part of this ROM celebration to capture the memorable “I do” moment at the most sacred place in KL for Chinese – Thean Hou Temple.

Marriage is a legal contract between a man & a woman committing to live together forever. You can have the ROM process done at church / temple / beachside or any venue of your choice, but first, you will need an official from JPN.

Ze Jun & Melanie has chosen Thean Hou Temple to register their marriage. Thean Hou Temple is one of the largest Chinese Temple with lots of beautiful scenic view to commemorate the ceremony! This lovely couple is working in UK and all the way back here in Malaysia to be official married. They have chosen to celebrate this meaningful day with theirs closest friends & families. 

The day begins with official ceremony in a room witness by both parents. The ceremony lasts about 15-20 minutes with certificate signing, vows, ring exchange and voila! Throughout the ceremony, our duty is to capture these precious once a lifetime moment!

After the ceremony, we proceed to other photography spot for their family group photo, where TWO families now become ONE. Thean Hou Temple has it’s significant Red Tang Lung, and splendid architecture, which perfect for Couple Potrait! Ze Jun & Melanie has engaged both our Photographer & Videographer on this special day to record  a lifetime of memory. A short highlight video / behind the scene able to projects the experience of the day! 

Wishing this lovebird all the best on this amazing journey you are about to start.
Enjoy the Photos 🙂

Khingdom Production Team – ROM Photography Specialist & Actual Day Photography 😉


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